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Got questions about the iBox ? We’ve got all the answers!

It’s never been easier and cheaper to store your household, personal or business belongings than with the iBox, but you may have some questions so please browse below for all the answers.

What is an iBox?

iBox is the next generation in flexible, secure, stress-free storage solutions that can save you thousands on traditional removalists and storage costs.

How is an iBox different from other moving and storage options?

iBox brings the storage container to you. There is no need to hire a truck or a trailer, or even the need to unpack and repack at a storage facility! You simply load your goods into the iBox and we collect and store the container at our secure storage facility.

When you’re ready for your goods we simply deliver to your address and you unload at your own pace.

How do I organize to get an iBox Storage Container?

It’s easy as 1,2,3!

1. You simply call us on 03 9724 9333 and we deliver and iBox self storage container to your home or business premises.

2. You pack the iBox storage container and then we collect it.

3. We then store it for you in our secure storage facility until you are ready to have it redelivered.

How will an iBox save me money?

An iBox will save you money versus other traditional removal and storage solutions because:

An iBox, once delivered, only needs to be loaded and unloaded once. It is not unloaded and warehoused, and then reloaded and delivered, thus no double or unnecessary handling.

There is no need to hire a truck or a trailer or the additional costs associated with truck hire such as insurance, petrol or diesel costs.

And because you pack the iBox yourself you are saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on traditional removalists labour and man-power costs.

How big is an iBox Storage Container?

An iBox is big! In fact it has a capacity of 38 cubic metres! The iBox size is a real bonus as all those odd, space-consuming items can be packed and stored in one location.

In terms of physical size the iBox storage container is 6m long x 2.35m wide x 2.7m high and each iBox comes with wide barn doors too for easy access and easy loading and unloading of your goods. You may even put your car, boat, motor bike in as well!

Will iBox Australia Load the iBox for me?

One of the many attractions of iBoxes is the huge savings you can make by loading the iBox yourself. However we know that this may not suit everyone.

If this is case, we can recommend Maroondah Removals and Storage who offer a traditional full removals and storage service. See their website:
Maroondah Removals and Storage.

How long do I have to load or unload the iBox Storage Container?

iBox allows you to pack your storage container over the period of one day. Depending upon demand we maybe able to increase this time. Please check with our office at the time of booking.

Do I need to get removal blankets and storage ties?

No iBox will supply them to you free of charge when we deliver the iBox.

How is the iBox Storage Container moved?

We move our iBox self storage units on a purpose built specialised delivery truck and trailer which reduces the shifting of your contents to and from our secure storage centre

Can I access my belongings once they are in storage?

Yes, they are your goods in storage and fully accessible with prior notification. Please call our office and we can arrange for your iBox to be available for you. Then simply come down and access inside. You may add extra items (space permitting) or take items away. It is your iBox to do with as you wish!

How long can I store my goods in an iBox?

Our storage options are extremely flexible and we will accommodate your needs. In some cases it maybe just a day or so, often needed when such things as a delay in house settlements occur – which we know is stressful! If you require storage solutions for weeks or months, no problem, we can help. If it’s long-term or an unknown time frame we can also help too.

Is the iBox Self Storage Container Weatherproof?

Yes, every iBox is Weatherproof! An iBox self storage container is constructed of Corten Steel, which is a highly anti-corrosive steel. In fact they are the same containers used at sea to protect goods being transported globally, indicative of their strength and durability! What’s more they are fully ventilated and dust and vermin free.

How Secure is the iBox?

The iBox is very secure. Firstly you will need to supply your own padlock, which means you and only you have access to the contents. Plus the iBox whilst in storage at our secure storage facility, which has no public access, means total peace of mind and security.

What about insurance?

Insurance is optional. Initially, we would recommend that you contact your own home insurance company to request a quote. If they are unable to assist, we can recommend a company that may be able to organise storage insurance for you. The details of this company are listed below. Feel free to look up their website to obtain any information that you need.
Phone: 1300 880 253

Please note that whilst we take the utmost care with your furniture and effects, insurance is a sensible option whilst storing your belongings.

However, should you elect not to take out insurance cover, the furniture and effects will be moved and stored at the owner’s risk.

What’s NOT allowed to go into an iBox?

iBox Australia are not permitted to carry or store the items listed below as they may cause damage or serious injury:

Aerosol Cans
Cleaning Solvents
Cooking Oil
Firearms Ammunition
Gas of any kind
Liquid Chlorine
LPG Gas Cylinders (see note)

Methylated Spirits
Paint Stripper
Photographic Chemicals
Poisonous, Toxic, Flammable or Corrosive Liquids
Pool Chemicals
Weed Killer

Any liquid that has been opened cannot be carted/stored.
**NOTE: iBox Australia recommend that you have your LPG Gas Cylinder emptied at a qualified outlet for your safety.

How do I book an iBox?

Simply call 03 9724 9333

How much notice do I need to give to book an iBox?

Please notify the office as soon as possible with as much notice as you can, so you can get the date of your choice. Ideally two to three weeks is a good time frame to work with. However, there is always a plan to accommodate your needs.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Payment is required prior to the delivery of your iBox. Currently this is just $220! Storage fees for your iBox are to be paid to the end of the first month, following which; you will be billed on a monthly cycle.


One More Question?

At iBox Australia we try to keep things nice and simple, but if you haven’t found the answer to a specific question you may have please feel free to either phone us or contact us online.

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“So ridiculously cheap and convenient, it made our move so easy, especially when the settlement was delayed! Great service, great storage, great communication, great price. Can’t fault the iBox experience.”
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